Just kidding, I’m feeling a little better today, I’m cool instead of hot, and can swallow. But I understand now how the influenza in 1919 (I think that was the year) killed more people than battles did in  WW I.
Also, I wanted to let you know that I’m getting a lot of email, and hopefully replying to all of it, but I don’t have a system yet that shows which ones I’ve answered. I am terrible at snail mail, so if you’ve sent a card or letter, try email next time, or call me.
I did want to offer a Save the Sales tip–  I shop every year for fish at  Bell’s Seafood  just call Clyde or Doris  Bell, they’ll be happy to help you. Clyde will also tell you all about chemtrails and climate change too, if you ask him. My dad in N.Y. loves Clyde’s  fresh frozen halibut  and cod and he is very picky about his fish and never used to even touch frozen fish until he had Clyde’s. I also go to Daymond Hoffman at Dejon Delights for smoked sockeye salmon for my aunt, in-laws, and friends back east.  After twenty years, it  has become such a tradition that I can’t stop sending it until I’m dead. Which, from the looks of things, will thankfully be later rather than sooner.