Grandma Joanne is making a divinity pie, which is made of Ritz crackers, walnuts, sugar, and egg whites, with a lot of whipped cream on top. It has been known to send at least one of our friends to the hospital with heart failure (he got better and joked it was named divinity pie because it can give the eater a sneak preview of heaven…). It’s for our last dinner before she flies out tomorrow at 2:45 for Juneau and an overnight with the girls there before heading back east Wednesday morning.

The summer weather turned to fall today (hopefully just for a day) but what a hot sunny weekend we had!  


This morning we woke to windy rain and clouds and have begun the worrying about the flights opera– Will planes fly tomorrow? Will grandma get to Juneau? Someone check the weather; someone call the airline.What about the ferry? What about the Fjordland? Will planes fly tomorrow? Will they fly today?.. It’s a lot of bother when there is nothing we can do about it anyway, except be sure the ferry is running later for plan B, which it is– at 5pm, which means grandma won’t be able to have dinner with the girls in Juneau then, but she will make her morning jet out no matter what the weather does tomorrow, and then things will be back to normal around here, whatever that means.

Case in point: If you haven’t seen this yet, here’s an interview that was in last week. The writer of the piece, Marilyn Johnson, is so very generous. Yet I read it, and am kind of paralyzed and feel like I can’t write my way out of paper bag. It’s too much. Half of me is thinking this is crazy, I don’t deserve the attention, but the other half is trying to enjoy the ride while it lasts. I know I may never be this fortunate again. It’s a mixed blessing, kind of like divinity pie.