You forget how tiny babies are, and as my daughter said, how big. It’s amazing that all eight pounds of this little person was inside my slip of a girl until four days ago. Arms, legs, hair.

Yesterday I started to tell her to be sure to drink plenty of water, and ask if she had this for nursing or that for her own sore places- and then she looked at me, the way adult daughters do– you know: eye brows up, and I said: Right. This is your third baby. I guess you know the drill by now. And she nodded.

She’s got this. –And an attentive husband who won’t be leaving for work until June (he’s a fisherman). He was putting away groceries and planning dinner. Teddy’s older sisters and his dog were playing outside. So I tucked Mama and Baby in, said I’d be next door if she needs anything, and she said okay “I love you.”

And I said “I love you, too.”

Love. It’s what makes my world go ’round.

(Also I really like his little hands. And his lips. And he has his mother’s nose. His cheeks are nice too, aren’t they?)