My grand daughter Ivy had a birthday party yesterday afternoon in the park. All the children in kindergarten were invited for hotdogs and cupcakes,and their siblings and their parents, and the neighbors too,  the swim team little ones, and anyone who happened to be at the park, there were even some Canadians, I think. It smelled like summer, with the grill smoking and new leaves, and sounded like it with all the children playing and birds singing, and felt like it, with the sun (it was still cool in the shade, but not cold.) When I arrived Ivy’s sister Caroline ran over, past the kids on the swings and slides, and the balloons and small children racing around in circles shrieking, mothers jiggling babies on their hips, and a grandmother parked safely on a sturdy bench.

 “Mimi! Mimi! Did you bring Trixie?”

(Are you kidding me? I do love that big pup. She is cheerful to a fault, but a tad rambunctious, and usually wet, and she’ll steal hot dogs for sure, and well… “No, she’s taking a nap with Pearl.” 

“Darn,” Caroline said.”This party needs some chaos.”

But there is a party just for dogs and their people on Saturday (and anyone who likes dogs). It’s a memorial for  Evelyna’s beloved Suki dog. Saturday May 19,  from 3-5pm, on lower Deishu Drive. It’s a street party with locally made snacks including dog treats from Klehini Carnivore, a slideshow of Suki on hikes, and there will be a bunch of other pictures of Suki on display. Everyone is invited, Trixie too.

 “It will be fun, our street will turn dog park-ish for a short time honoring my dear dog, and the embrace in which Haines has held us for a long time now. Thank you!” Said Evelyna.

(There’s so much to love about life right now, right here, isn’t there?)

* P.S. I am taking a little writing retreat and may not be back writing here until May 28– so please don’t worry. I’m fine!