Here is something that made me laugh.

My brother-in-law Norm was on the radio, hosting the country show, and after a Willie Nelson tune and some other song that I think was sing-a-long-able, but I can’t recall the title right now, because I was in my car, driving back from the airport with the windows down (it was 50 degrees) tapping and yodeling, because I had just picked up a paper copy of the manuscript of my new book, to help me with the editing, that was flown in from the Juneau printer, and I couldn’t wait to start.

I had planned to do this work over the winter, but for all kinds of reasons beyond my control, it is now bumped to, you guessed it, spring, along with Pearl’s leg surgery ( the dog version of ACL tears, sort of. I will be nurse Heather  for 12 weeks because I love her, and can), and a trip to Dutch Harbor next week (I will give a reading at the library), and all the chores and joys of the manic leap into summer– Still, I thought I had one more day of winter to  work on the book, and then, Norm announced the official arrival of spring in Haines would be in 45 minutes.


Then he said, “If there was something you needed to do this winter then you better hurry, because you don’t have much time.”


I really don’t want winter to return. Spring feels so good, especially because as Yogi Berra might have said, I have so much more time for everything now that the days are longer.