I was feeling well enough to stand up and make turkey soup yesterday, but felt like I’d climbed Mt. Ripinsky afterward, not the good tired, the sore muscle tired. Then I saw a note from my friend Doris Ward. She gave me some tips for Duly Noted, if you have an item for the column for the next three weeks, please let me know, I’m filling in for the vacationing Sara.
Doris also reminded me, in her firm but gentle retired school teacher way, that the deadly flu epidemic was in 1917, and that it killed her father’s mother, a young 40. (This was before Doris knew her.)Here in southeast Alaska it was just as deadly, especially in Native villages. Here is an account of what happened in Ketchikan.
So when Doris advised me,  with the full weight of history on her side, to “get completely well”  I decided to rest  for  another day. It will be easier,  with the house so quiet, everyone left on Sunday’s ferry. But they’ll be back in about two weeks for Christmas.