Morning Muscles was crowded today– and it was already light on the way there at 5:50am, which is heartening. Although that will change with the Spring Ahead time change Sunday. I have no idea why Alaska participates in that. It is a bummer in the fall when we roll the clock back an hour and it gets so very dark in the afternoon, and it is even worse in the spring when the mornings are finally lighter. Can’t we skip it this year? (I do skip it at my cabin. The clock there is always on summer time.)
In real news: The Undefeated Region V 3A Champion Glacier Bear Boys need some money to pay for the trip to state in Anchorage, and are having a fund-raising spaghetti dinner tonight at the school. There will also be an auction. If you’d like to donate call Tiana at the school, 766-6700. I  am even going to miss choir practice for this one.
Also, I was thinking about that review, the one that sent me over the moon yesterday.  I’m back on the ground now. It says my book is  “the best Alaskan memoir of late” before it says “maybe ever.” They are of course speaking about the book by the Woman I Won’t Name.  So that’s not saying as much is it?