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Here is my essay for this week's Small Things Considered Feature on KHNS. Rosalie Loewen and Debi Knight-Kennedy are regular contributors too, if you'd like to do one, or more, contact Margaret at 766-2020, or email me and we'll help you.

When I heard that Oklahoma! Would be staged here on October 5 & 6th, I thought no one will rehearse during the final weeks of summer. Big shows were for midwinter.  

Sunday's Thought


"The reward of a lifetime of reading is a rich acquaintanceship with those gentle or powerful or rebellious or acceptant, those greatly mixed and humanly variable but always greatly human ghosts." Wallace Stegner

Not as Quiet as it Looks in Haines

 Tonight the planning commission meets at 6:30 in the council chambers and one of the items on the agenda is a potential mine at the base of Mt. Riley, about a mile down the road from my house.  It is on state  and mental health trust land apparently, but is basically in the middle of  a residential neighborhood, adjacent to a popular hiking trail, shooting range, and the valuable Chilkat Inlet fishery, both subsistence and commercial.

Natural News

Well, teacher Pam Randles and her Takshanuk Watershed Council Citizen Scientists from the high school, and Chilkat Forest Investigators from the elementary school have solve the mystery of the woodchuck living in our chicken coop. They caught the shy little guy on a remote control camera, and determined that he was an arctic ground squirrel who was out of his territory, which is usually alpine areas. I said "was" on purpose, because he is now dead. He was hit by a car near the house, so my husband picked him up and put him in a bag in the freezer and called Pam.

Sunday's Thought

 "You can't deserve the sweet and tender things in life less'n you're tough."--From wise old Aunt Eller in Oklahoma!

(And by the way, it was a great production in Haines last night, deserving that exclamation point !) 

Email's Small Wonders

 This morning I opened my email and found this note: “What type of tree is in the lower left foreground of the photo of Pearl that you posted on Oct 2 on Facebook?” [Mountain Ash.] Next came: “Heather, My husband Tom and I were in Skagway in Sept. when you were in  Anchorage (our first ever trip to Alaska; we live near Buffalo, New York) and I picked up your first book, in a small shop there.



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