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Thursday Briefing

First, I’m on the mend, thanks to antibiotics. I tried all my home remedies and finally admitted defeat, and I’m glad I did. I feel much better but still have a nasty cough. It’s been going around though. One friend has had it for a month, another two weeks, and both say (just like I do) “And I never get sick!” One theory is that Haines vacationers brought it back from Hawaii with them. 

Sunday's Thought(s)

My brain is rattled every time I sneeze or cough or the dogs bark, which are all often, as I have the flu, and I am caring for the grand dogs until their basketball star owners return on the ferry.

Sunny Snowy Friday Postcard

I didn't make it to Juneau yesterday. The snow began in earnest about the time I was due to fly out. But my daughters' team won their game, and so the Haines Women will defend their Gold Medal tourney title Saturday night! The great good news is that all three Haines teams will be in the championships. The two Haines men's teams won last night, too. The Merchants in the "Mighty B" Bracket, and Klukwan in the C bracket. You can hear them on KINY beginning with the Women at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.

Wow. Manic March Indeed

Maybe it is a sign of the off-kilter nature of these days that the egg I tried to balance on the the first day of Spring fell over. (I have heard you can do this on the equinox, as the earth is in balance. I have also read that with practice and the proper egg, anyone can balance one at anytime. Frankly, my life is too busy to spend another minute attempting to make an egg balance. But go ahead, try it if you want to. )

The weather too is mercurial- snow, sun, rain, wind, snow, sun. Just when I take a picture to share with you it changes:

Sunday's Thought

"The fast pace of our lives makes it difficult for us to find grace in the present moment, and when the simple gifts at our fingertips cease to nourish us, we have a tendency to crave the sensational." --  Macrina Wiederkehr

March 17

It is St. Patrick's Day, maybe your birthday too, or a birthday of someone you once loved and lost. It could even be your due date, and you are now wondering, if you are in labor, do I give him or her (you probably already know the gender) an Irish name, or not, and if so, should it be the kind that is easy to spell, like Maggie or Liam, or the other kind of Irish name, like Siobhan  or Cian?

Monday's News

That was quite the snow fall and blow last night. The good news is we are all in this together. Much of the country will be feeling Alaskan this week as we shovel snow, make changes in plans, and soup from whatever we can find in the pantry, freezer, and fridge for dinner.

Sunday's Thought

“You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” 
― Anne Lamott

​I have been thinking seriously about getting a talking parrot, to remind me not to shout out loud what I am thinking when I'm alone in the house and listening to the news on the radio, or reading the paper. It may be quite shocking what that good bird would repeat for my grandchildren to hear, in my voice. 



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